Fitting Only So Much In A Space So Little

Fitting Only So Much In A Space So Little

Though Instagram is hailed as one of the top social media platforms, it can be tricky to navigate. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it’s always nice to have a keyword-filled caption to ensure the picture gets viewed. With so little space to grab the attention of your consumers, it’s important to craft the best Instagram bios for your business.

What You Can Accomplish With Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio should reflect who you are as a company as well as where you plan to go. Let your network goals be known. A well written Instagram bio can accomplish multiple goals at once, including:

  • Communicating to your audience what your business does
  • Directing a customer towards ways of finding you
  • Highlighting your company’s personality
  • Encouraging a customer to take an action

It’s important to understand the components that make up an Instagram bio. Going beyond the photo makes you marketable and trustworthy. After the bio is complete, you can rework and fine-tune your accounts so that consumers will know what to expect from you as they follow your brand across multiple platforms.

Important Components To Your Instagram Bio

The Photo. The profile page should include a photo that is relevant to your company. Using a logo or a photo of a product can show who you are and what you do. Be sure that your photo looks good on the bio page, and when it’s minimalized in the feed.

The Username & Name. Your username appears at the top of the profile page, enabling other accounts to tag you. Your name is in the bio and becomes bolded on the profile page. Both are searchable in the field, so make good choices.   

The Bio. You get 150 characters to sum up your company. Be sure to word it in a way that encourages a customer to take action. A little pre-planning goes a long way.

The Website. Small spaces mean limited places. In Instagram, there is only one place where you can directly and actively link a website, and that’s in your bio. Use it to your advantage.

The Category. Be aware that the category selected is tied to your linked Facebook page. For this feature, you’ll need to have a business account. If you are a restaurant or a public figure, indicate it here to take up less space in your bio.  

The Importance Of Call-To-Action Buttons

Business accounts have the option of adding buttons that can free up space and answer common questions. Locate these fields by clicking Edit Profile and then Contact Options. Make sure you’ve converted your account to a business account to ensure the availability of these fields.

· Email. When a customer clicks the Email button, the app will prompt you to open the default mail app on your phone.

· Directions. When customers click on this button, it’ll prompt them to a map app on their phone. Be sure to enter the full address of your business.

· Call. When someone clicks the call button, a prompt will come up to call your company directly.

Instagram has added a linked hashtag option that makes it easy to direct consumers to your branded hashtags or other campaigns. They can just tap the hashtag in your bio and see all the relevant posts. Don’t be afraid to explore different designs and structures with your bio. Though your business might be serious, Instagram is a relaxed network that gives you a dynamic opportunity to inject some more personality into your brand. For more help in fitting a lot of info into a tiny space, contact today.